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The Webster Apartments provides housing for career-minded professional women ages 18 and older.  Pending continued eligibility, guests may reside for a maximum of 5 years.



Guests must meet one of the below requirements to apply and remain eligible for residency:

  • Worker: Working a full-time job, a minimum of 35 hours per week, earning an annual GROSS income between $30,000 – $85,000 (USD).
  • Interns & Fellows: Minimum commitment of 28 hours per week in internship or fellowship program



Prospective applicants who meet one of the above eligibility requirements may inquire for an application with Webster’s Office of Admissions.  Please be prepared with the below information when contacting the office:

  • Employer: Name of Job, Internship or Fellowship Employer
  • Hours Per Week: Amount of hours working or interning per week OR number of fellowship hours per week
  • Compensation (if applicable): Annual GROSS Income, Compensation, etc.
  • Duration of Stay: Preferred arrival date and approximate length of stay



The Office is open weekdays from 8:30AM-5PM EST and may be contacted via any of the below contact methods:

  • EMAIL:  admissions@websterapartments.org
  • PHONE: (212) 967-9000 extension 1421
  • IN PERSON:  
    • NYC residents are required to fill out their applications in-person during weekday business hours.
    • If you are visiting NYC and would like to fill out an application in-person, contact the Office of Admissions to schedule an appointment